The Walking Dead- My Idea For A Game

OK. So recently the TV show “The Walking Dead” has released its new video game The Walking Dead- Survival Instinct. I have been intrigued by this game because the story was said to be a prequel to the TV show and you would play as fan favorite Daryl. I am not here to give a full review to this game, or to ruin the game and/or show for anyone reading this but I am here to give you my personal opinion on what the walking dead should do to make a great video game.

My brief opinion on this new game. Its decent. A 6.5-7 out of 10. There are many reasons for this. One is because the graphics in this game are terrible. They do not compete with other graphics. Not only are the graphics poor but the skinning of the zombies and maps are not great. I feel that you fight the same zombie, multiple times in one level and that the stops you make in the game are in the same place. Also the game is not very realistic when it comes to stopping these zombies. Too many times a simple table that’s flipped over stops a zombie heard, which is uncharacteristic of the TV show zombies. This game did have some positives. The game forces you to be stealthy which is a good thing and firing a weapon will attract zombies to you. Also finding new people to take with you is fun, but they really don’t do too much to help you and you cannot really interact with them. That’s just a small taste of what I thought the game was about.

OK. Now on to my main point of writing this. The Walking Dead has released two games. The Survival Instinct game and the game called “The Walking Dead”. Honestly the second game I mentioned, though it is good, I do not like those styles of games. It’s just not for me. The Survival Instinct game would be a game that interests me but unfortunately I think the game was not the best that it has to offer. I’ve put some thought into this, “What type of game would be fitting for The Walking Dead?”, and what I was able to come up with was a RPG, Fallout type game. I love RPGs and the Fallout series in general and for anyone who has played Fallout can say that The Walking Dead theme could be used in these games. I think that Fallout is a survival game, where you have to survival the post apocalypse world. Is this not the same as The Walking Dead? In The Walking Dead the group is trying to survive this world they’re in. In my mind if Bethesda was able to work with the zombies and story of The Walking Dead, it would be a recipe for a great game.

If The Walking Dead decides to make a open world, survival, Fallout type game they would have to make the game in one of three ways. One way would be to follow the story line of Rick’s group. Of course they would have to change things up but if they decide to go this route they would have to make it so you would control Rick or Daryl and follow their story. Another way they could make this game is to have it take place in the same region as the current TV show is in but have an entire new character introduced and have the player choose what path he/she wants to take (kind of like how Fallout is now). Like Fallout there could be multiple ways to finish the game (Join up with Rick’s group or join up with The Governor and his group)

Another way they could make the game would be to make an entire new story line. Instead of having the game based in the Southern region near Atlanta, have it take place in Northern or Western U.S. This would open up many possibilities to create a new story line and perspective of the zombie apocalypse. Have multiple groups fighting for survival and have multiple ways to finish the game.

What should the next The Walking Dead video game be? Well that’s not up to me but it can be influenced by the people. I would love to play a Fallout type The Walking Dead game. With the right people making the game, it would be an instant buy for The Walking Dead fans as well as RPG, survival game enthusiasts. Please if you do think this idea is good please share it because if enough people buy into this idea we can get a Fallout type The Walking Dead video game, a game that’s worth playing and interesting.

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People Living Off The Gov’t?

Ok. I’m writing here today to express my pure anger towards this topic. I am not a politician or I do not follow the economy closely but I can tell you this story that happened locally. To not expose anybodies names to the public I will make up names for them.

I really don’t now where to start off this story from so I will introduce the people in the story. We have two parents, we can refer to them as John and Kate. We also John and Kate’s children, Jake and Rachel. Now John and Kate own a dry cleaner store a couple towns away from me. From my knowledge it was a pretty successful business. With Rachel out of high school (maybe even college now) and Jake in high school they were on a good path for success. Until this…

Remember how I said the dry cleaning business was going pretty well for John and Kate? Well apparently John decided to quit his job. Though I do not personally know John I have heard from close friends of his that he quit out of pure laziness to work. After John quit his job, a couple of weeks later Kate quit her job because she questioned John quiting his job. With both of them out of jobs, they don’t even bother looking for another job. A close friend of John and Kate said that they are just too lazy to find new jobs.

This brings me to my next point, Jake and Rachel. Rachel is successful by balancing out her life and work. Now she does not have a top of the line job, but does work at a clothing outlet store. This earns her enough money to pay for her college education. Jake on the other hand is in high school and from what I have heard and seen is that he has resorted to drugs and alcohol. I do not know the reason for him doing this but if I had to give it an educated guess it was his lack of ability to cope with something in his life. Now before you say I have not seen him do drugs or alcohol, I actually have seen him smoke and drink in various parts of the neighborhood.

My next point will actually bring me to the government part of this. John and Kate now recieve money from the government to help them pay for basic things. The thing that truely pisses me off is that they make no attempt to help their child with drug problems (yes, they do know) or make no attempt to find new jobs. Since Jake has no job, the only way he gets money is trough his parents extra money. Now John and Kate have been living off the government for awhile now. And this got me thinking… Why should people in the community pay taxes that essentially go straight to the government and then from the government go to John and Kate, two people who are basically leeching off of tax dollars who make no attempt to help reform their lives. Another thing is that these people are immigrants to the United States and they came here to help start a new life. Now they use the community around them to pay for their basic needs.

People around the community have tried to help them. Close friends of John and Kate have offered them jobs, donated them money, and even donated them basic essentials like soap or shampoo to help them get back on the right path. All the attempts to help these people out have failed. They refuse to get jobs but always accept the free items.

Personally I have had enough of this crap. It has almost been six months of them living off of the tax dollars of the community. I don’t think the government realizes that these people are leeching off them. Now I do not wish the family harm, I just wish that these people, who came to America looking for opportunity, stop living off other people in the community and try to contribute to the local area and not drag everyone else down with them. What has come to America when people are quitting their jobs out of laziness and trying to live off of other people? This is the main question I ask and I feel that something must be done about this issue.

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I blog today talking about “beginnings” and why I am here. I am here to blog to have fun. I will post about my life, the struggles and successes, and my rants about certain things. Topics will be mostly about my life and how I find things interesting and what I find to be problems.

I am a believer in beginnings. I start this blog not to make money, but to have fun and talk about my life and the things in my life. Some of my blogs will be rants, some will not. I write to you so you can know some information about me and give me a chance because right now I am just 1 fish in the sea of bloggers.

I will post about anything in my life, video games, movies, TV shows, and personal hobbies

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